Design Of Highline Residences Is Inspired By High Line Park

Design Of Highline Residences Is Inspired By High Line Park

A good residential design based residence like Highline Residences is what one needs in their daily based life. A good interior design make sure that your house have enough space. The space itself should be utilized. Many times a large house can be victim of bad designing. A Poor designer makes sure that he could utilize more space for the design itself.

While a good designer utilize the design for space. A Residential design is very important either when you are creating a new design or renovating an old space. The design should be practical. A practical design may not be appealing but top architects and designers follow practical first appealing later techniques.

This helps them create something that can be used to its full plus adding the art later to that practical design itself. It’s rare to see that these architects suggesting any other follow up. They would create small space room from a little space just to put it for a more practical look.

Highline Residences

How Highline Residences is similar to Highline park New York?

Highline Residences is very similar to the Highline Park New York. Highline Residences itself is state of art and resembles the old part of the Singapore history. Yet the residence models are luxurious and considered as the most modernized design. The designer has given this touch of New York Highline.

A place famous for its particular design and attention it gathers. People describe Highline Residences as the uniquely developed residence that gives past and present touch. When explored thoroughly. The project is supposed to be finished by 2018 in late December. Vast design and architectural pieces are not making it easy for developers to create them but they are increasing the pace of its development.

How Unique is Highline New York Park?

The park is very unique. The park is more than two kilometers. The park was built on a grand section of an obsolete part of New York Central Railroad called west sideline. Many similar project to this project has been created all around the world. The park start from the west sideline and moves towards lower west side of Manhattan. Another obsolete section which starts from thirty street to Tenth Avenue. The part lower area was demolished in nineteen sixty and another lower section was demolished in nineteen ninety-one.

The park created so much attention that investment into the sorrowing’s came running in. Real Estate around the park was boosting. It increase the value around the park about double of the original price. This happened in a week after the development of the park.

The parks nearly gets around five million visits every year. Plus not to forgets how tourists take the park value into consideration so much. As this part of the New York has become a hub for lot of people because of big malls and restaurants present here. The part gives a magnificent view to the new visitor.

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